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When corruption is suspected within the New South Wales government, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will investigate. If you find yourself involved in an ICAC investigation, the risk of reputational damage and criminal prosecution is real. This can have a significant impact on the organisation or individual under investigation and associated parties, including whistleblowers and witnesses.

An ICAC investigation can heavily disrupt your ability to continue to operate with the trust of your stakeholders.

Whether ICAC is convened to examine a potential corruption issue by private examination or public enquiry, HDY’s team of experts can help you set ground rules about how you or your organisation will engage with the Commission and what, if any, public statements will be made. We can help you collate and deliver the information required by ICAC and represent you or your organisation. If you find yourself in the midst of an ICAC investigation, you can take direction and comfort from the extensive experience of our team.

How we can help

The team at HDY can assist at all stages of an ICAC investigation:

  • Reputation management: Ensuring your stakeholders are considered and communicated with throughout the ICAC investigation
  • Protecting your rights: Setting ground rules for you and/or your organisation about what can and should be discussed internally and with external parties
  • Evidence gathering: Requesting and preparing documents to support your case
  • Advocacy: Representation during a public enquiry or private examination

Our Relevant Experience

  • Sydney Water

    Acting for Sydney Water executives and political figures in two enquiries concerning false charges to Sydney Water, alleged corrupt payments to politicians and a fraudulent Cabinet Minute (Operation Credo and Operation Spicer).

  • Operation Magnus

    Acting for a senior council executive alleged to have engaged in misconduct in public office and obtaining benefits from council by deception (Operation Magnus).

  • RailCorp - allegations of bribery

    Acting for RailCorp in seven enquiries concerning allegations of bribery and fraud, and acting in a further enquiry to report changes to RailCorp's anti-corruption measures (Operation Monto and Operation Chaucer).

  • RailCorp and Sydney Trains

    Acting for RailCorp and Sydney Trains in an enquiry concerning allegations that certain persons used their positions as public officials to corruptly solicit funds totalling over $1.5 million from other people including public officials and government contractors (Operation Spector).

  • Roads and Maritime Services

    Acting for RMS in an enquiry concerning allegations that certain persons fraudulently obtained driving licenses.

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