Meet our team - Henry Davis York

Sam Farrell

Summer Clerk 2015/16


"The level of HDY is second-to-none, and this is reflective of how the firm operates further into your career"


Throughout the clerkship application process, all law firms speak regularly about their ‘difference’. This nebulous concept can be difficult to grasp and understand in the brief time you have to assess whether a particular firm is the place for you. However, there is genuinely something intangible that makes you feel welcome and valued at HDY – a place that doesn’t just talk the talk, but also very much walks the walk.

There were a few aspects of the summer clerkship program that really piqued my interest during the interview, and which HDY continues to uphold. First, there is a down-to-earth culture that speaks of a firm peopled by intelligent mentors and fiercely capable lawyers. Second, the clerkship isn’t just a line on your CV or a roadmap to graduate work. You will be meaningfully involved in matters, helping to draft advice to clients, attend court, prepare complex research memos and engage in problem-solving with some of the very best lawyers. Third, the ability to rotate through three practice groups is invaluable. The HDY summer clerkship experience exposes you to a wider range of work and people, and provides you with more opportunity to immerse yourself in everything a diverse and market-leading firm can offer.

Finally, people at the firm, from graduate lawyer to partner, are interested in you as a person. The level of mentorship you experience at HDY is second-to-none, and this is reflective of how the firm operates further into your career – characterised by a genuine sense of collaboration and contribution.

Applying for a clerkship at HDY is the best decision I’ve ever made for my career and I can only urge you to do the same.