Imagine 2013

Welcome to Imagine 2013, our sixth sustainability report.

In achieving a sustainable organisation, a constant theme is that of reflection, adjustment and re-measurement. To that extent, this year provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our progress of our journey. We find that in some areas, we have reached a plateau of performance, and in others, we continue to grow and excel.

Our environmental impacts this year are almost, if you’ll pardon the pun, a “carbon copy” of the previous year. This tells us that it is likely that we have achieved best practice in our electricity consumption, however, business travel and transport remain challenging. Likewise, our paper consumption seems to be stabilising, but does not stop us from considering additional ways to eliminate waste. I am conscious that our attempts to achieve Environmental Management Certification have been on our agenda for the past 2 years and have been unsuccessful. We aim to re-invigorate this for the next reporting period. I am particularly pleased with our Community Spirit Program, and the pro bono performance last year. For the first time we have exceeded our pro bono aspirational target and secured a position in the top 10 firms of our size in the pro bono arena. Our staff engagement process through our “Spirit Survey” tells us that we have a workforce who is highly engaged to a level that is significantly higher than other firms. These continued small steps reinforce our commitment to remaining a sustainable business leader in our sector. Thank you for joining us on our continued journey.

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