NEW - Corporate CIV exposure draft legislation and explanatory materials can be accessed here.

CCIV Submission

HDY has made 17 key recommendations to improve the design of the CCIV.


Key dates, including events leading up to the introduction of the CIV regime and a historical record of useful documents about CIVs.

Proposed CCIV structure diagram

A diagram of how the CCIV is proposed to be structured

Proposed CCIV versus MIS

The CCIV versus the Australian managed investment scheme. Retail versus wholesale. A snapshot of key regulatory differences. 

CIV Fast Facts

An introduction to the CIV regime, including: What is a CIV? What are the new CIVs? What are the potential benefits? How will this impact existing structures? 

CIVs in other jurisdictions

A snapshot of the proposed Australian Corporate CIV (CCIV) and how it compares to CIVs in other jurisdictions – the UK OEIC and Luxembourg SICAV.

Useful websites

Asia Region Funds Passport: The Asia Region Funds Passport will, once implemented, provide a multilaterally agreed framework to facilitate the cross border marketing of managed funds across participating economies in the Asia region.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO): The ATO is the Commonwealth tax administrator and principal revenue collection body, sitting within the Treasury portfolio.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC): ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator.