I desire the very best for HDY's clients. I deliver practical legal solutions that are legally and commercially robust.

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Monique is a specialist in commercial and government law, with a particular focus on procurement, technology projects and transactions, intellectual property and privacy.

Monique has broad commercial experience acting for government and private sector clients, particularly those in the technology, health, education and transport industries.

Monique provides specialist advice relating to technology projects and transactions, the procurement of goods, services and major works, intellectual property, data protection and the Australian Consumer Law. She is regularly called upon to negotiate and draft complex commercial agreements.

With strong public sector knowledge and experience, Monique advises government clients on statutory interpretation and compliance, administrative law, probity issues, government decision making and all aspects of tendering and procurement.

Monique has gained significant in-house experience by undertaking secondments for different entities, including as Relieving Principal Legal Officer at the Department of Education and more recently as Acting Legal Counsel Commercial, Projects and Safety at Transport for NSW.


  • BA, LLB (Hons), LLM

Industry associations

  •  Member, Communications and Media Law Association

Monique's Recent Experience

NSW Government Agency

Advising a government agency in respect of a contract dispute about the scope of responsibilities in relation to the provision of services under a multi-million dollar services agreement.

NSW Government Agency

Advising a government agency on the preparation of bespoke tender and contractual documents for the design and supply of a customised product and associated operation and maintenance services.

NSW Government Agency

Advising a NSW government agency on compliance with new legislation and assisting the client to draft a bespoke funding agreement and associated fact sheets to comply with the new statutory framework.

Medical Research Institute

Advising a medical research institute on intellectual property and licensing issues associated with the development of an innovative software application, drafting a tailored licensing agreement for the use of the software and assisting the client to successfully negotiate the terms of the agreement with an international entity.

Health Care Sector Client

Setting up a privacy and data protection framework for a client in the health care  sector, including drafting external and internal privacy policies, guidelines and notices to ensure compliance with privacy legislation, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).

Monique's Recent Insights

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