Road Transport Regulation

Building for Australia’s future infrastructure needs while also looking for ways to reduce road transport fatalities are key priorities for governments and the private sector. Add to the mix exciting innovations like autonomous vehicles and the regulatory requirements governing road transport become very complex.

Australia’s road network is extensive and maintaining this resource is costly. That’s why governments and the private sector continue to struggle with reform around procurement and the debate continues to rage around the introduction of cost‐reflective road pricing (effectively a “user pays” system for our road network). Understanding the regulation that governs these issues and operating effectively within it requires significant experience, and expert advice. That’s where HDY excels. We can help you make the right decisions for your organisation, and Australia’s road users.

We also have a keen interest in the regulatory change that is aimed at reducing road fatalities. Heavy vehicle safety will continue to be an important issue, and our cross-jurisdictional relationships (including between government agencies and regulators including the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) are an important factor in how we help our clients to navigate this changing landscape.

How we can help

Our Road Transport Law expertise includes:

  • Regulation
  • Contracts
  • Enforcement
  • Prosecution.

We team this with our significant experience in advising both the private sector and government agencies on compliance with other regulatory areas including liquor licensing, rail safety, mine safety and environmental matters.

In addition to acting for the NSW Department of Industry, RMS and Liquor and Gaming NSW, we have advised on and been involved in significant regulatory change and investigations including working closely with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and other major Commonwealth regulators. Our experience includes advising on complex regulatory schemes, managing investigations and document production, the review of systems to meet regulatory standards, the commencement of proceedings and the negotiation of enforceable undertakings.

Panel appointments

HDY is currently represented on the following panels for environmental regulation engagements:

  • NSW Whole of Government.

Our relevant experience

Some of our experience includes:

  1. Heavy Vehicle Enforcement: Multiple prosecutions against parties in the chain of responsibility to ensure all parties involved in transport take steps to ensure safe operation of heavy vehicles
  2. Incremental Pricing: Developed trial agreements for recovery of costs in relation to road wear and tear based on per kilometre usage
  3. Supreme Court Proceedings for recovery of bridge damage: Obtained compensation orders following prosecutions in relation to damage to a pedestrian overpass caused by an over height vehicle.

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