Rail Safety

With industry and governments continuing to push to reduce trucks on our nation’s roads we look to the rail industry to get vital goods around our vast country. Developing new rail infrastructure and maintaining our existing resources to a high standard are both significant priorities for those operating in this industry.

And while regulation of the rail industry is reasonably stable, and harmonised across States and Territories, it remains complex. So whether you’re moving freight or passengers, and looking to operate high-speed links between capital cities or light rail within our suburbs, you must seek expert regulatory advice from HDY to ensure your business and your people are operating safely and complying with your regulatory obligations.

How we can help

We work with companies operating in the rail industry to help them understand their regulatory framework. Specifically, this often means we are engaged to:

  • Draft and implement rail safety policies and procedures
  • Assist with appropriate accreditation for regulatory purposes
  • Train our clients’ people on their rail safety responsibilities
  • Work with our clients to respond to rail safety enquiries by the regulators
  • Represent our clients during investigations and prosecutions.

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Panel appointments

HDY is currently represented on the following panels for rail safety engagements:

  • NSW Whole of Government Panel
  • Commonwealth Government Legal Services Multi User List Panel.


Our Rail Safety Experience

Establishing formal consultation arrangements for Sydney Trains

We have partnered with Sydney Trains in establishing its formal consultation arrangements, including Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committees under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW). This arrangement took place within a heavily unionised environment and the project involved providing pro-active advice, but also defending three separate legal claims: two industrial disputes, one in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and one in the Fair Work Commission, and acting in an external review of a SafeWork NSW issued Improvement Notice. All three litigation matters were resolved without comprise by Sydney Trains, and formal arrangements to ensure compliance are now in place across Sydney Trains.