Mining & Petroleum Safety

Every industry has its boom times. The mining and petroleum industry is no different, and coming to the close of its most recent boom in Australia, regulation of mining and petroleum assets and businesses is changing.

Reform announced this year by the Resources Regulator reflects this ebb within the industry. HDY’s team of mining and petroleum regulation experts have worked closely to advise Commonwealth and State regulators in developing regulations that protect businesses, employees and the community, are comprehensible for the industry, and are enforceable by the regulator.

How we can help

At HDY, our team’s extensive experience includes advising on regulatory reform, as well as prosecuting breaches when they occur.

This work closely complements the expertise of our Work Health and Safety team and you can find out more about them here.

Panel appointments

HDY is currently represented on the following panels for mining and petroleum regulatory engagements:

  • NSW Whole of Government Panel
  • Commonwealth Government Legal Services Multi User List Panel.