Financial Services: Regulatory Responses

The banking and financial services industry is operating in an uncertain environment and an era of unprecedented socio-political scrutiny. Powerful forces including technological disruption, a subdued global economy, and changing consumer behaviours are reshaping the industry. Combined with a challenging regulatory landscape, the challenge for financial institutions is to continue to deliver value and security for all of their stakeholders.

The financial services regulatory team at HDY understands the industry, and we understand the impact regulatory matters can have on your business. We are experts at tackling some of the most reputationally sensitive, high-risk, and sometimes novel problems thrown up in the persistently volatile economic, political, social, regulatory, and legal environments. We value our role as trusted advisers to our clients and custodians of their reputation. We are conscious of the risks you face and seek creative solutions to link strategy with risk appetite and delicately balance the sensitivities of our clients' reputation, customers, people, and investors.

How we can help

HDY’s team is dedicated to the banking and financial services industry. An intimate knowledge of this sector is in HDY's DNA, and for our team the challenges of our financial services sector clients are front of mind, enhancing our ability to safeguard their reputations. We keep across emerging regulatory trends in Australia and globally to ensure we understand and can anticipate the strategic priorities of Australian regulators. Members of our team come from all areas of the law and specialise in providing regulatory and financial services advice, with extensive review and remediation and dispute resolution expertise.

Our deep expertise extends to:

  • Ongoing engagement with regulators
  • Responding to regulatory inquiries, commissions and investigations
  • Design and implementation of review and remediation programs
  • Review of products and processes
  • Product design and re-design and product recalls
  • Detection and prevention of white-collar crime, including money laundering and corruption.

Our relevant experience

Some of our experience includes:

  1. Acting for one of Australia's Big 4 Banks in relation to a large scale review and remediation project.
  2. Conducted various product and process reviews to ensure regulatory compliance for an Australian Big 4 bank.
  3. Advising various clients in relation to continuous disclosure obligations, insider trading and market manipulation.
Nikki Bentley

I understand the financial services industry and thrive on helping our clients in this industry succeed.

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