Competition & Consumer Regulation

Competition and consumer law raises complex and challenging issues that can expose businesses to both legal and reputational risk. Under the current competition and consumer law regime, hefty penalties can be imposed for those found operating outside the regulator’s boundaries.

When action is taken by competition regulators, particularly the ACCC, it is pursued aggressively. This is often a very challenging process for those involved in transactions or alleged breaches that receive the regulator’s scrutiny. HDY has the skills and experience to help you navigate this complex area and ensure you receive the best, independent competition and consumer law advice.

How we can help

We pride ourselves on being our clients’ trusted adviser and confidante throughout proceedings involving competition and consumer regulators including the ACCC, Australian Competition Tribunal and the National Competition Council. Our clients value our independence, which puts them at the centre of our focus. We are experts in competition and consumer law relating to mergers, acquisition and other transactional activity, as well as investigations and litigation surrounding alleged breaches.

We take a tailored approach to each matter and pride ourselves on understanding our clients' businesses. We use that knowledge and our experience to resolve issues at an early stage. If litigation cannot be avoided, we have the resources and proven experience to help our clients defend proceedings. Our focus is on ensuring the burden on our clients is minimised, and the best outcome for them is achieved.

Our deep expertise extends to:

  • Merger clearances
  • ACCC enquiries, investigations and enforcement proceedings, including acting for clients in a range of litigious matters such as proceedings alleging attempts to induce a cartel agreement and engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct
  • Design and implementation of compliance programs
  • Reviews of products and processes and providing strategic advice in relation to process and Transaction structures
  • Engagement with the relevant regulator (often the ACCC) at an early stage to prevent investigations escalating into enforcement action
  • Drafting submissions in response to regulatory market studies and investigations, and
  • Product recalls.


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