Generational Diversity

People in Australia are living longer, enjoying better health until later in life and in turn are often staying in the workforce for longer than ever before. There are as many as 5 generations now represented in the workplace. It is important to recognise that these different groups will have different needs from their employment arrangements.

Some of our programs in place to support these different needs are listed below.

Envisage Program

HDY partners with mature age workforce specialists SageCo to offer their Envisage Program to all our Business Support staff aged 49 and over. Envisage is a 1 day workshop aimed and providing attendees with the tools to consider and plan for their future in the areas of career, relationships, identity, finances, health and lifestyle.

Partner Pathways

Partner Pathways is a career management program designed to assist partners with their career journey from becoming a partner through to transitioning from practice and into an 'encore' career or retirement.

Flexible Working

A need for flexibility is important for all our people to assist them to manage their life responsibilities and interests, no matter their generation or life stage. Please see the section entitled Flexibility.