An important part of acknowledging diversity is to recognise that we all seek or need to work differently according to personal preferences or other life commitments. We all have different responsibilities and demands made of us in both our work and our personal lives. Giving people the flexibility to manage what they need to (while still ensuring business needs are met) is key.

Henry Davis York undertakes to consider all reasonable requests to work flexibly or differently on a case by case basis.

Some of our flexibility initiatives include:

  • A culture which promotes and supports flexible working (both formally through structured arrangements or informally, for example working from home on an ad hoc basis)
  • All staff issued with mobile devices (Surface Pros) to support working remotely from the office
  • A dedicated Flexibility Manager at the firm to assist in negotiating and embedding formal flexible work arrangements (such as part time working or job shares)
  • Dedicated coaching and advice as needed for those seeking to work flexibly and their Managers to ensure any new arrangements are successful
  • Regular surveys conducted with all staff to measure how our people are working, to ensure the culture of flexibility is maintained and to address any areas of concern raised.